Beck Depression Inventory-II in Mexican Sign Language. Reliability and factorial data.

Benito Estrada



 The main objective of this study is to present a version of the BDI-II (Beck, Steer & Brown, 1996) adapted to Mexican sign language, providing preliminary information about validity and reliability. The instrument was called BDI-IIASM (Adaptation to Mexican Deaf People). Furthermore, the objective is also to provide a preliminary profile of depressive symptoms in Mexican Deaf people using Mexican Sign Language (MSL) on their communication. The sample consisted of 100 profoundly prelingually deaf people living in the Monterrey metropolitan area (Nuevo Leon), Puebla (Puebla) and Nogales (Sonora), with a mean age of 30.63 years old, from which 52% were women and 48% men. Statistical analysis showed that intensity levels of depression symptoms in this population are high, with an average score of 17.51. The analysis reveals a significant difference between these scores and those reported by general hearing population (Sanz, Perdigon & Vazquez, 2003; Estrada, Delgado Landero & Gonzalez , 2012) that use the same BDI-II version (Beck, Steer & Brown, 1996), indicating also higher depressive symptoms in both Mexican Deaf people and Spanish Deaf people (Estrada, Delgado & Beyebach, 2010). Furthermore, contrary to reports from hearing population with depression, no significant correlations were found between levels of depression and sociodemographic variables, neither significant differences between the scores of men and women, which is consistent with the results reported in previous studies. Reliability of the instrument was α =. 90, with a good correlation among items. Exploratory factor analysis indicated that BDI-IIASM measures a general dimension of depression composed of two factors, one is somatic and the other one, cognitive-motivational. However, unlike what happens in hearing population, somatic-motivational dimension was located in the first factor, explaining 42% of variance. We conclude that BDI-IIASM is a valid and reliable instrument to measure symptoms of depression in Mexican profoundly prelingually Deaf people, who have a symptom profile characterized by somatic and motivational nature.

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