Bullying and cyberbullying and deaf and hard of hearing children: A review of the literature

Kika Hadjikakou, Papas Panayiotis


Bullying is a public health issue that causes major concern to parents and professionals and merits greater attention. The purpose of this investigation was to conduct an exhaustive review of the literature in the field of bullying/cyberbullying and deafness. Computer and manual searches of 34 years of peer-reviewed journal articles were conducted. A total of 13 articles,that examined bullying/cyberbullying among the deaf and hard of hearing (d/hh) student population, met the criteria for inclusion in the review. Results indicate that (a) minimal research has been published focusing specifically on the problem of bullying among d/hh children; (b) most of the studies are qualitative, with a small number of participants; (c) half of the studies reported sporadic findings on bullying while exploring other issues. Thus, it is obvious that the quantity and the quality of research in the field should be enhanced.

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